Digital Collectible Card Games Report


Collectible card games are here to stay. Digital CCGs have carved out a sizable market share (despite the popularity of physical) and will generate almost $2B worldwide in 2020. As this market continues to grow and mature, making the best use of a slower-growth audience becomes imperative. Strategies must change from acquisition of this loyal fanbase to increase conversion and spending, and retention will be key. The new CCG report dives into the vital information for success in the category.

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Digital collectible card games (CCGs) will earn $1.5B in 2018E. Almost three out of four (71%) of CCG players play on their smartphones, making a mobile-first design key to success.

Digital CCG players are avid competitors who enjoy the challenge of participating in a formal tournament setting. In the span of three months, a sizable share of players participated in either online or in-person  tournaments and over half of CCG gamers play at least once a week.

Most digital CCG players in the US purchase additional content. Three in four paying players have spent $10 or more on digital CCGs in the past three months.

Table of Contents:

  • Intro

    • Table of Contents

    • Executive Summary

  • Market Overview

  • US Market Trend

    • Regional Digital Market Size

    • Top Devices

  • US Player Profile

    • Demographics

    • Player Frequency & Length

    • Player Behavior Analysis

  • Gaming Video Content & Esports Behavior

    • Viewing Behavior Analysis

    • Tournament Participation

  • Key Takeaways

  • Definitions

    • Terminology

    • Genre

    • GVC Categories

    • Game Platforms

  • Everything Else

    • Methodology

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