Products & Services

SuperData offers all the products clients need to make their businesses successful using games, games streams or VOD, and virtual reality and augmented reality (XR). We provide gold-standard dashboards that visualize all the latest data on gamers and XR, and provide custom and consulting solutions to answer stakeholders’ specific questions.

No matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered.




The SuperData Arcade is the only comprehensive, in depth dashboard with a full view of the games market size, how gamers spend and how much games earn. Using data driven by real gamer transactions, we provide users with a clear picture of the industry and who are the key players.


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XR Dimensions

SuperData’s XR Dimensions dashboard fuels insights and analytics from deep dive drill-down revenue numbers for a single headset to macro trends in XR growth globally by region or industry vertical. Users access drilled-down data on market sizing, key headset shipments, investments, consumer vs. enterprise breakouts, and more.



Custom & Consulting

Our custom and consulting solutions leverage SuperData’s veteran expertise in the games, gaming video content, esports and XR industries. Marrying our top-tier data with key insights, we are able to customize our studies to provide our clients answers to their most pressing questions.


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SuperData offers a wide range of reports on the most important and emerging topics in the interactive media space. Whether it’s gamer preteens, augmented reality and brands or the year in review, we give clients the tools to understand industry baselines and learn where there are the biggest opportunities.