Custom Solutions

SuperData’s custom research capabilities are tailored to the needs of each client. Whether you have questions about the games industry, gaming video content or XR, we apply our unparalleled expertise and methodology to bespoke solutions that get to the heart of what matters most to your company’s strategy and success.

Here are just a few of the things we do and how we do it.

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Omnibus Studies

  • Custom audience profiling across key global markets 

  • Cost savings without sacrificing scope

  • Pitched regularly to explore the most topical industry questions

  • Exclusive access to data and findings

Case study

Multiple game companies were interested in growing their collectible card game (CCG) IPs on a global scale. SuperData worked closely with these clients to design a multi-market study to address the research questions posed by each company. By pooling resources from multiple clients, SuperData was able to survey thousands of gamers across 12 countries while achieving substantial cost savings for each client.  

SuperData provided omnibus partners with a comprehensive and exclusive analysis of the CCG market. One client leveraged these findings to launch a new multiplayer title which reached unprecedented levels of success for the franchise.


Market Analysis

  • Total market and audience sizing 

  • Competitive landscape analysis (storefronts, payment platforms, livestreaming platforms)

  • SWOT and whitespace analysis (competitor strengths and weaknesses, untapped opportunities)

  • Consumer sentiment, pain points, and motivations

Case study

A Fortune 500 tech company wanted to boost their presence in the video game livestreaming space, leverage their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. SuperData performed a competitive market analysis of the leading gaming video content platforms by combining multinational consumer research with proprietary market data.

As a result, SuperData was able to show the client a granular SWOT analysis of their key strengths and weaknesses compared to those of their competitors, and the most effective strategy to move forward.

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Revenue and Audience Forecasting

  • Low, mid and high projections

  • Marketing and launch strategy

  • Monetization strategy (microtransactions, cosmetics, etc.)

  • DLC planning, pricing and timing

  • IP evaluation and impact

Case study

A veteran game publisher wanted to establish a long-term roadmap for a series of games based on a well-known IP. SuperData developed a custom revenue and audience forecast for the IP that showed low, mid and high scenarios for revenue and monthly active users 12 months after launch. In addition, SuperData provided key recommendations on release timing and the cadence and pricing of in-game content. 

Following SuperData’s recommendations, the title exceeded the publisher’s expectations to become their best-selling release to date.


Multinational Consumer Research

  • Survey coverage across +100 countries

  • Title and market data across 31 countries and 5 regions

  • Consumer spending and behavioral habits

  • National, regional and global insights 

Case Study

A payment service provider sought to understand how people purchase games, music and video content online. To achieve this, SuperData interviewed 25,000 individuals across 25 global markets. The findings revealed market-specific spending behaviors, including preferred payment methods and the consumer motivations behind each purchase.

The key findings of this study empowered the client to adjust their global strategy with key regional tactics in mind.


Focus Groups

  • Deep dive into sensitive and hard-to-reach demographics (teens, preteens, etc.)

  • Playtesting and game concept evaluation

  • Consumer sentiment analysis 

  • Platform discovery and migration trends

  • Gaming behavior and purchasing habits

Case Study

A major game publisher sought to understand the primary gaming behaviors and motivations of preteen gamers. To help shed light into this sensitive demographic, SuperData conducted 13 focus groups with gamers in the 7 to 12 year-old age range in a major US city in tandem with an online survey with 1,000 parents.

Combining this qualitative research with proprietary market data, SuperData synthesized key findings to outline game discovery patterns, genre preferences and game habits of preteen gamers.


Brand Affinity and Engagement

  • Total brand awareness among addressable audience

  • Consumer engagement and sentiment analysis in key markets

  • Brand differentiator analysis among competitors

  • Social sentiment analysis through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Case Study

A major game developer wanted to perform a risk analysis of rereleasing a critically acclaimed game on new platforms. SuperData evaluated the potential earnings of this title by measuring the overall brand affinity across the addressable audience in key global markets.

Following the study, the developer pursued a multi-pronged release strategy that boosted their market share on non-endemic platforms.

IP Evaluation

IP Evaluation

  • Recommending best practices for games based on entertainment properties

  • Advising media firms on how to enter the gaming space 

  • Case studies that include the revenue and audience size of comparable titles

  • Identifying the earnings potential and target audience for IP-based games

Case Study

A major television channel needed to know how to create a game based on one of their biggest properties. To provide answers, SuperData conducted a study of fans of the show and analyzed how other games based on entertainment franchises achieved success. A report incorporating these findings provided recommendations for the game’s genre and marketing strategy.

After completion of the study, a mobile game based on the show earned over $200M in its first two years on the market.

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